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Step1models Sarah Video Shoot

Total of : 10 sets, 42 videos, 129 photos


  • Sarah is the most nervous model I have done a shoot with so far, but the most fun too.
  • Sarah and the rubber weenie'>
    May 8, 2015, 1 videos

    Sarah and the rubber weenie

    i know what you guys are thinking...the title is referring to a porn fairytale...but alas, tis just an update on Step1Models.com. as you all know, Sarah is normally hyper, funny and outgoing...on the day of this shoot she was not happy. she was there to do the 2nd part of a shoot we had already started and somehow in the time between shoots, she met a dude and decided she was in love....*face palm*... so right before i pull out a rubber dick for her mouth hole, she gets weepy and says she doesn't want to lose him and is afraid he'll see this...


  • Sarah's 9th Shoot'>
    July 17, 2013, 2 videos

    Sarah's 9th Shoot

    here is another video i found in my older video files. this is from some teaser videos that i did with sarah not too long before she decided to move across the country for a guy she thought she was in love with...you guys remember how that went. she is still retired though and i don't think she'll ever be back for shoots, but i do still have footage of her, so you can look forward to more... in this video, she comes over to my place in a cowgirl outfit. she was planning on going dancing with just the girls after our quick shoot. you guys really liked seeing her grab her ankles last time, so i had her do it again and i also blast a load in her mouth.. there are more videos from this series and it includes her letting me put things in her ass :) more to come!


  • Sarah's 8th Shoot (Sex)'>
    August 18, 2012, 5 videos

    Sarah's 8th Shoot (Sex)

    time for day 2 of the hotel shoot!!...this time she brought a lingerie outfit that i'll never forget. her bubble butt just popped out of the thing. in this update you will see her updated interview (she shares something very funny and personal with us).. you will also see her doing BJ and doggy style sex. i will also be posting another version in the future that has POV.


  • Sarah's 7th Shoot (Hotel BJ POV)'>
    August 25, 2011, 4 videos

    Sarah's 7th Shoot (Hotel BJ POV)

    Here is the POV version of Sarah's hotel BJ shoot!!


  • Sarah's 6th Shoot'>
    January 20, 2011, 4 videos, 17 photos

    Sarah's 6th Shoot

    I know you are all very familiar with Sarah so i'll get right to updating you about her. She moved to the other side of the country with a guy she had been dating for a while. After about 5 months, she is single again :) don't get me wrong...I love her to bits, but i love it when i am right too lol. she is happy as ever and has gotten over the whole thing. The bad news is that she wont be coming back to my side of the country and loves her new home. The good news is that we are still good buddies and are still in contact so as always, I will keep trying to get her to at least visit and do some more footage. Ok, now down to business.... in this video you will see her true personality shine through. her nerves are long gone at this point and we have grown quite comfortable with each other. There is plenty of joking around as usual. In this update you will see her do hardcore BJ footage and take a big load in the mouth... Her reaction could not be MORE real.. :)


  • Sarah's 5th Shoot'>
    August 30, 2010, 3 videos

    Sarah's 5th Shoot

    Here is the one a lot of you have been waiting for!! This is the last part of Sarah's first amateur shoot. As you know, about half way through the shoot, I talked her into doing hardcore partner work. We had such great chemistry that she quickly agreed to go all the way with me :) This hardcore first timers update includes sex in tripod view and POV. I do have to apologize for one thing though. At the end when i was about to put baby batter on her face, the battery died on me...Don't worry though, I still have some more amateur footage to post of her in the future.. ;)


  • Sarah's 4th Shoot'>
    May 26, 2010, 6 videos, 53 photos

    Sarah's 4th Shoot

    She brought over a sexy french maid kind of bra/thong combo....or at least that is how i'd describe it. Recently she has been wanting to do only mild, non-hardcore partner shoots because she thinks she met 'the one'. She is moving to the other side of the country for this guy in a month. You'll hear me interrogate her about him during this shoot. Don't worry guys, i still have some updates coming with her doing hot stuff, but this is most likely her farewell video and i want to keep things current when i can. I'm sorry to see her go, but because i do recruit true amateur models, I have to deal with them moving on from 'modeling' here and there. So far most are on their way to a college degree in one thing or another. I think it is safe to assume that all you Sara fans are crossing your fingers along with me, that she'll move back this way soon....In this video you'll see her being her usual playful self, and check out the meat she added to her ass!!! holy hell!!


  • Sarah's 3rd Shoot'>
    February 28, 2010, 5 videos

    Sarah's 3rd Shoot

    This is part 3 of Sarah's shoot. as described in her 2nd video, I took some time to talk to her about doing explicit work while we took a break to charge my camera battery. My heart was pounding when she agreed to do a blow job - first hardcore scene!!! This x video not only contains the bj from that shoot, but I also throw in a 2nd bj from her follow up shoot :) watch for the part in the first video where she announces to me that she has never taken a load on her face....(right as i am preparing to do it lol) I was shocked! I think you guys are gonna love this one.


  • Sarah's 2nd Shoot'>
    November 11, 2009, 5 videos

    Sarah's 2nd Shoot

    It's time for part 2 of the Sarah amateur model shoot!! after the first part of the shoot, we took a break so i could charge my video camera battery. so far it looked like she was very comfortable with me, so i took this opportunity to sit down with her and talk about what her limits are. After explaining that a lot of my site model buyers are looking for the more naughty content, she decided that she would go ahead and take it to the next level. That got my heart pounding lol. this video includes naked posing, masturbation, and her playing with a toy! all in pov. i also couldn't resist putting my hands all over her ;) ahhhh...sometimes i just love this job. Enjoy!!! P.S. I had her stop by for a follow-up after some of you requested that i ask her about embarrassing nude moments etc... i put her in the shower and asked away. let me know if this is what you wanted and if you have any other suggestions....


  • Sarah's 1st Shoot'>
    November 3, 2009, 7 videos, 59 photos

    Sarah's 1st Shoot

    Ok it's launch time!!! Thank you for all of your interest and support. My first post is Sarah, a candidate for ANTM. She is the most nervous model i have done a shoot with so far, but the most fun too. She has a very playful personality and she is just one of the cutest little things I have ever seen. She is 23 and a senior in college. My brother recruited her at a local bar. it turns out she was thinking about trying out stripping, but changed her mind after visiting the strip club. This is literally her first time in front of the camera and you will love how embarrassed she gets when she changes outfits while I point the camera at her. Try to watch it all the way through guys...our interaction was great fun! This video includes clothed, swimwear, bikini modelling, lingerie, changing outfits, and NAKED DANCING. Also included is my intimate and personal questions. Enjoy!!


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