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Step1models Sara Video Shoot

Total of : 4 sets, 25 videos, 170 photos


  • Sara's 4th Shoot'>
    April 30, 2010, 3 videos

    Sara's 4th Shoot

    We go to my bedroom where she then lets me fondle her massive tits and I again rub my dick against her moist pussy. I really wanted to bang her there and then, she says something near the end of the shoot about doing something naughty and I think if her bf wasn't around we would of done the lot! Look out for more videos soon.


  • Sara's 3rd Shoot'>
    April 25, 2010, 3 videos

    Sara's 3rd Shoot

    So after the photo shoot with Sara I decided to ask her if she was willing to take it to the next step as a hardcore first timer. She was flirty during the shoot and I thought some extra money on top and she would be good to go. She has a boyfriend she loves and she wasn't ready to take it there yet. So, disappointed, I made her another offer. Would she be willing to do an implied sex scene? I explained that implied sex is basically dry humping like we are in 6th grade. Everything but penetration like you'd see in Juggworld. She thought it over and said 'hmm, ok.' So, here is part of her first implied sex scene. I have her demonstrate her oral skills on a dildo and dry hump her in my boxers. I was so hard I nearly nutted in my pants. This is not sex, but it sure felt amazing and she is a hot model. Hopefully she will come around this summer to do more on the site. Enjoy the show!


  • Sara's 2nd Shoot'>
    February 26, 2010, 10 videos, 122 photos

    Sara's 2nd Shoot

    This is one of my first shoots with Sara in a motel near where she lives. It was just before she left for Vegas and a great opportunity for her to make some spending money for the trip (perhaps she was a broke amateur before). You will see that she was very giggly during the shoot, I think she was just tired from working all day. This is the last shoot I have of her and am trying to get back in touch to do some more shoots. Please let me know if you want to see more! Model Photos Picture set included in this one. Enjoy!


  • Sara's 1st Shoot'>
    December 9, 2009, 9 videos, 48 photos

    Sara's 1st Shoot

    Sara replied to a posting I had on Craigslist Model posting a while ago. I couldn't believe it. I have never had much luck on Craigslist and thought something must be wrong when she replied with some model photos. She was incredible! She has an amazing body straight out of Juggworld and is the complete next door type. This was her first time posing naked ever as an amateur nude model! She said she responded to my ad because she was "curious" but wasn't completely serious about the whole thing until we met and talked a bit. This video is full of great modeling poses (clothed and completely nude), awesome behind the scenes and chit chat, and great naughty spread shots.


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