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Step1models Heather B. Video Shoot

Total of : 6 sets, 33 videos, 72 photos

Heather B.

  • Heather B. just turned 20. she is in school to be a teacher and because of this, she made me promise to remove her videos from my site in a couple years hehe.
  • Heather B's 6th Shoot'>
    March 3, 2012, 3 videos

    Heather B's 6th Shoot

    this is getting close to being the last of the footage i have with her...her boyfriend recently got into her phone and looked through her text messages. he found messages between her and i that was pertaining to doing another sex shoot :/ ... he packed his stuff and left. she called me crying and asked me never to contact her again or he would leave her for good...this sucks because i considered her to be a close friend of mine. i wish her the best and i hope some day she'll be able to get back in touch with me... i miss you heather B!...ok, in this shoot you will see her sucking on a rubber weenie while i do her from behind. it was a good time (understatement)


  • Heather B's 5th Shoot'>
    March 10, 2011, 5 videos

    Heather B's 5th Shoot

    This update starts where Heather's masturbation shoot left off. I have her suck me to get me hard, then she puts my condom on for me and it's time for the first quickie. I start with POV doggy style humpin, then side-view. originally i wasn't going to use this footage because my dog T-doggy was on the couch watching the whole time, but who am i to keep this stuff from my members?! ..... The other parts of this amateur nude model update are when she came back for a follow up-quickie shoot a couple months later. This time i do her from the back while the camera is in front of her and i also included the same action from camera 2 (side view) enjoy! this one is for you Professor V.


  • Heather B's 4th Shoot'>
    October 21, 2010, 5 videos

    Heather B's 4th Shoot

    Here is one a lot of you have been requesting. Who am i to keep it from you any longer?? As you all know, heather came back after some time and finally agreed to do partner stuff with me as the partner and amateur photographer.. This is where the last video left off. I take her into the bedroom for what is supposed to be a bj only segment, but cant resist bending her over for a quick hump... after a bit of that, i get back to business and take her back to the livingroom for the rest of her bj action..and yes, she takes a nice blast on the face :) Still more to come and more amateur nude models!


  • Heather B's 3rd Shoot'>
    July 1, 2010, 4 videos

    Heather B's 3rd Shoot

    This update is pretty special to me. Those of you that watched me give Heather B a massage in her 2nd update know that she would not let me do hardcore and finger her and swore that she would never give in and do first time partner work. Hehehehe... Well, after 4 months of me persisting and developing a friendship with her, she decided it was time to make more money lol. I rub it in big time in this follow up amateur interview with me with photographer! She refuses to admit that i won the battle though. This video includes fondling/groping, me fingering her from behind, her dry humping me to get me hard, her masturbating with her own toy, me fondling her while she gets herself off, then me sticking my dick in her mouth for the first time while she is still masturbating... I took my time with this shoot folks.


  • Heather B's 2nd Shoot'>
    March 5, 2010, 8 videos, 45 photos

    Heather B's 2nd Shoot

    Here is part 2 of the hot model Heather B. She brought her friend to the first shoot and the friend was very uptight so I didn't get further than regular nudity with heather. Towards the end of the shoot i pulled her aside and mentioned the explicit x videos work. She said she is fine to do it now that she feels comfortable with me, but was not wanting to do it in front of her friend. SO.... I had her back a week later for an explicit follow up and here it is folks!!!! This video includes full nudity, model photos and full explicit poses with close ups of all the naughty parts AND OF COURSE my standard full body massage!!


  • Heather B's 1st Shoot'>
    January 10, 2010, 8 videos, 27 photos

    Heather B's 1st Shoot

    Heather B. Just turned 20. She is in school to be a teacher and because of this, she made me promise to remove her videos from my site in a couple years hehe. She has a great natural modelfigure. not the really skinny type. for those of you that love big boobs right out of Juggworld and a thick booty, This is your site model!!! Everything is perfect with this one except she has a little scar on one of her boobs. she recently had a small lump removed and she was worried i wouldn't hire her because of it. Boy was she wrong!! This video includes shorts and a tiny top, lingerie, nude and finishes with her in the shower. I'm working on getting her to go further and do some partner work in a hardcore first timers future shoot, but so far i have had no success. Cross your fingers guys.


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