After the interview, we begin the video shoot. We are often in different locations and environments so the situation changes from time to time, but the process is generally the same. We start with mild, catalogue poses, if you will. We try to get as creative as possible, often going outside and in public if we can.

Then we move into the lingerie and bikini modeling. We have the model pose in all of our “favorite positions” and the tease gets to be somewhat overwhelming. If the model is comfortable, we get them to do nude poses in our “favorite positions” as well. This continues until we have spent a good amount of time.

We then push the envelope and try to get more risque footage. We can’t always get the “risque” stuff but I assure you we do our best. Sometimes it is a process – an expensive process!

***Not all updates feature sex, masturbation, or complete nudity. We do our best to help the models go as far as they are willing to go!***